Peaceful living, playing & fishing!

Undeveloped Acreage for Sale
Pinecrest Dr
Savona, B.C.

Great Opportunity for an Acreage right next to the Thompson River in beautiful British Columbia!
I'm the owner and seller of this Acreage!

All for JUST $89,900 CA​D


Some of the Best Country Living in the West

3.9 Acres nestled within the community of Thompson River Estates and
right next to the Thompson River.  It is located just a few minutes West of Kamloops or 3-1/2 hrs East of Vancouver, British Columbia. The acreage
layout is totally open to your imagination because this prize acreage

  1. Golfing
    Tobiano Golf Course is just 27 km down the road. This beautiful 18 hole golf course is set beside Kamloops Lake. It has beautiful views and challenges the best golfer.
  2. Fishing
    Just a short walk from the acreage and down the escarpment flows a world renowned fly fishing river, the Thompson River.
  3. Horseback Riding
    Whether you raise horses or just like to trail ride, this is the place for horseback riding. It has numerous trails and space to enjoy the weather and the scenery.
  4. Gardening
    The size of the garden is totally in your hands because this acreage has as much space as you need. The soil is sandy and abundant in nutrients virtually without any stones or rocks. The climate is warm enough to grow your own grapes for wine.
  5. Relaxing
    You can sit back and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of country living without being rushed or stressed. Work on your acreage or just kick back and enjoy the weather.

  1. Golfing at Tobiano
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Ray is the owner of this property and is selling it privately.
Please call or email Ray for more information. 
Tel.: 403-589-6125
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Calgary, Alberta